Why did I create The Mama Academy?

Mom: "I'm not sure this breastfeeding is working for us.."

Doc: "You know, you won't be able to breastfeed because your nipples are too small."


That's the type of crazy misinformation and fear based advice moms hear every day. And it's time to stop it. I get physically ill imagining the heartbreak and confusion moms feel when they are in real need. In real need of real options and gentler advice.

As a mom of two kiddos under 6 I've had my fair share of that kind of advice. I thank my lucky stars nothing major has happened. I am an Infant Development Parent Coach, so I had a pretty good idea what's coming my way. As well as a mind-body-medicine practitioner, so I had the skill to act at times of illness or minor injury without rushing to the ER. I am lucky. But my "luck" can be taught pretty easily.

That's why I created The Mama Academy.

To be honest, I don't feel like I created anything. I feel like The Mama Academy called on to me to give it physical shape. I am answering that call and putting myself in full service so the message can reach far and wide. It is time for women to join forces, unlearn cultural habits, and relearn how to trust our intuition, our bodies and the infinite wisdom, knowledge and options we have available to us, if we just open up to possibility.

The Mama Academy offers practical training in infant development and mind-body-medicine, as well as a slew of expert guest and resident professionals sharing their gifts and practical teachings. It is unlike anything available today. And it is EPIC.

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We're all moms here, so do it now, because you know, mommy brain...


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