What is the Mama Academy?

The Mama Academy is a virtual living resource that is ever growing and ever evolving.

As new moms we are faced with a world full of information. It is so full that it's overflowing. That's great. But the problem is that it’s overwhelming, contradicting, any you’re left feeling empty and alone.

I want to create a world where new moms don't feel alone. I want to create a world where the professional advice moms get is not based in fear or lack of knowledge. I want to create a world where moms are empowered with real knowledge, information, and all the points of view so she can make up her mind while listening to her gut, and not because she's afraid of something.

The Mama Academy will house practical trainings in Infant development, mind-body medicine, and a large variety of health, wellness, and parenting resources.

What the Mama Academy won't have is judgment. Too many moms feel judged and alone when it comes to their pregnancy, labor and birth choices, not to mention choices they make for their baby. It is time that our society stops shaming moms.

It starts with the Mama Academy, where we share expert advice from all possible angles, not just an angle that pushes a specific agenda.

The best advice I got as a new mom is that it doesn't matter whose advice I follow. At the end of the day, if anything happens to my child, I am the one liable and I'm the one who will take care of him or her. This is why it is very important to me that the Mama Academy is a judgment free zone where we support and celebrate each and every mom.

As a member of the Mama Academy you'll have access to all the different experts and practitioners you will ever need. What you won't have to do is spend your time and money endlessly researching online, trying to pick experts from an unknown source, or be left with an unsatisfactory answer feeling like you have nowhere else to turn.

At the Mama Academy we empower each and every mom to be the expert for her child, giving him or her the best possible foundation so they can become the incredible person they have the potential to be.

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.I'll say it gently, we are all moms, so do it now, because, you know...mommy brain...


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